Friday, May 8, 2009

Mother's Day and Southern Baby Names

Fritter Chicks, it is almost Mother's Day. In the South, we honor our mommas like nobody's business. Whether you make her something from the heart or get her a nice certificate to get her hair fixed, you have done good! We came across this list of Southern Girl Baby Names. To be a Fritter Chick, it doesn't really matter what your name is, but you definitely get crowned Miss Fancy Fritter Chick if one of these names is yours! We have relatives with the majority of these names because that is how we do it in Dixie. If you have a Southern name that is not on this list, send it to us as we want to know!

Aretha, Arnette, Aletta, Alexandria, Annabelle, Arlene, Alma, Azalia, Alice, Alma, Augusta, Beverly, Beulah, Belle, Bertha, Bernadette, Belva, Birdie, Billie, Bessie, Carolina, Charlotte, Charlese, Clora, Cordelia, Charlene, Coral, Cora, Claudell, Darlene, Daisy, Della, Dollie, Dixie, Delta, Delilah, Ella, Etta, Eunice, Effie, Eustice, Eula, Fancy, Flora, Florine, Fannie, Fossie, Faylene, Geraldine, Gladys, Georgia, Glenda, Garnet, Henrietta, Irma, Ida, Idell, Iola, Ivanell, Jolene, Jasmine, Jearlene, June, Lily, Lolamae, Loretta, Lula, Luella, Lulu, Lorraine, Laverne, Louella, Lucille, Larue, Leanne, Magnolia, Maybelle, Marietta, May, Mae, Myrtle, Mazie, Mozelle, Nola, Opal, Odessa, Ora, Pansy, Patsy, Pearl, Ruby, Reba, Ruth, Raylene, Savannah, Shelby, Scarlett, Tammy, Thelma, Tillie, Twyla, Talullah, Velma, Virginia, Viola, Verna, Vidalia.


Carrie said...

my great grandmother's name was Maudie May Muncher :) My other great grandmother's name was Hattie May.

It doesn't get much more southern than that.

Rocksee said...

Visiting from SITS! You have a great site!!

Stop by and visit my blog and enter my giveaway to help the village of Eagle, AK!!

Nice to meet you!!

Wife and Mom said...

One of Brooke's sweetest friends is names Sutherlyn. Always makes me think of a southern name.

your site is adorable!